Our Culture & Values

Our Culture is the product of our rich history and our remarkable story, that now extends across four generations of George family involvement.  It is a culture unique among other providores and especially among other large scale corporate wholesale suppliers, as we have retained much of the spirit of an enthusiastic, personable and caring Australian family business, despite our growth and scale.

Our culture is built on a pursuit of excellence over many years and on the basis of family values, hard work and enterprise, consistent quality of service; delivery and product standards and on strong, longevitous personal and professional relationships.

Our values are directly descended from this strong, positive culture and a reputation that has been forged over many years of success and growth in a tough and competitive industry and through our continuing aspiration to grow and to be a leader in the very important Australian fruit and vegetable industry, into the future.

The values that have historically been a hallmark of our operation and which continue to be a mark of our people and how we do business, might best be articulated as follows:


Our Values

1.  Do what’s best for the business.

2.  Be respectful and professional : treat fellow staff and customers as you would your own family.

3.  Continue to grow, develop and be innovative.

4.  Be responsive to customer needs. 

5.  Be considerate and caring of the community around you. 

6.  Rise early, work hard and enjoy life.


Words that describe our business:

  • Reliable; Passionate; Experienced; Knowledgable; Fun; Hard-working; Established; Professional; Innovative; Market-leader; Premium Quality; Direct; Capable; Responsive; Personable; Resilient; Family Business. 


Workplace Culture

We strive to create a positive working environment and we feel that that ours is among the best in the fruit and vegetable industry.  Staff amenities and facilities and general working conditions are of the highest order and our company goes to lengths to ensure our staff are fulfilled, challenged, happy and stimulated by their work to do their best in their own personal development.

This policy of care has been rewarded by the strong loyalty shown, to the business, by our staff.  Many of our key personnel have been with the company for many years – some providing valuable service for over twenty and in some instances, thirty years.  Our Directors, Simon and Damian George, have lead the company together for over thirty five years and the next generation of their family are now actively involved in the leadership of the business.

This strong workplace culture is a unique attribute in an increasingly corporate industry and provides great benefits both internally, to our business, and to our customers in terms of know-how, capability and service.  Our loyal, long-term staff are greatly valued and acknowledged through celebrations such as the SGS Gala.


Jobs and Careers

If our Culture and Values sound good to you and you feel you would be interested in a job or long-term career with our business, we encourage you to make contact with us. We have a broad range of positions and capabilities across our operations and require a wide variety of skill sets and personalities.  We are always looking for quality people to join the SGS family.

Please visit our careers page for further information.