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Poached spiced cherries

Dish: Poached spiced cherries Chef: Josh Lansley (Sous Chef, Il Lido Restaurant, Darwin)   Ingredients 6 star anise 750ml red wine 750ml water 300g sugar 3 orange zest 1 lemon zest Juice of 3 lemons 1 cinnamon stick 1500g de-stoned cherries Method Add all ingredients except the cherries to a thick based pan. Bring to the boil […]

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Smoked Duck Breast

Dish: Smoked Duck Breast with Shitake Mushrooms and soft poached quail Egg Chef: Scott Logan, Mandy’s Restaurant, Clear Mountain Lodge      Ingredients Smoked Duck Breast Shitake Mushrooms Soft poached Quail Egg Lilli Pillies Sorrel Tomato vinaigrette Method The duck is cured, lightly sealed then smoked with pine needles from trees on site. Shitakes are cleaned freshly from […]

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Spanner Crab & Heirloom Tomatoes

Dish: Spanner Crab and Heirloom Tomatoes Chef: Alastair Waddell (qualia, Great Barrier Reef)        Ingredients Queensland spanner crab meat (cooked) – 400g Crème fraiche – 20g Chopped chives – ½ bunch Lemon juice – 20ml Varieties of heirloom tomatoes – 500g Avocado – 1 whole Grape seed oil – 20ml Salt flakes Robert […]

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Crumbed Pork Hock

Dish:  Crumbed Pork Hock, Beetroot Relish, Salsa Verde and Baby Herb Salad Chef: Brad Stanger (Bommie restaurant, Hamilton Island Yacht Club) Ingredients (serves 5): Hocks Smoked ham hocks – 400g Ham hocks – 400g Pork feet – 500g Onions – 100g Celery – 50g Carrot – 50g Pistachio – 25g Parsley – 10g Flour – […]

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Spanner Crab and Watermelon Carpaccio

Dish: Spanner Crab and Watermelon Carpaccio Chef: Scott Freund (Sheraton Noosa) Ingredients 1 -2 Red chillies 1/2 Tablespoon Fish Sauce 2 Limes 1 Tablespoon white sugar 300gm Freshly picked Spanner Crabmeat 400gm watermelon 1 small handful freshly picked coriander, roughly chopped   Method Place the red chillies into a mortar and pestle and bash to a […]

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Scallop chowder with pumpkin dust and gruyere twist

Dish: Scallop chowder with pumpkin dust and gruyere twist Chef: Rebecca Kaye (Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains) Ingredients 4 tbs butter 2 x large brown onion, finely diced 2 x large clove garlic, crushed 4 x rashers bacon diced 1 x tsp curry powder 2 bay leaf 1. 745kg diced peeled potatoes 2 litres fish stock […]

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Megalong Beef Fillet

Dish: Megalong Wagyu sirloin 9+ grade, organic carrot, quail eggs, bocconcini, tarragon emulsion and red wine jus. Chef: Rebecca Kaye (Fairmont Resort, Blue Mountains) Ingredients Megalong beef fillet cut into 2 medallions weight at total of 200g 2 x organic baby carrots 2 softly poached quail eggs 3 bocconcini 1 serves tarragon emulsion Red wine just […]

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Escabeche of seasonal baby root vegetable

Escabeche of seasonal baby root vegetable

Dish: Escabeche of seasonal baby root vegetable, pumpkin puree, garlic cream, almond, amaranth Chef: Adrian Winoto (Jupiters Casino Townsville)   Recipe : 2 pcs baby beetroot 2 pcs baby golden beetroot 2 pcs baby carrot 2 pcs baby swede 2 pcs baby turnip 100 gr rice wine vinegar 35 gr sugar 130 gr water 1 pc […]

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