Products and Services

Simon George & Sons have earned a strong reputation in the food service industry for not only the top quality of the products we provide customers, but also the superior standard of our service. While we have continued to enhance our technology, supply chain, and the integration of our operations as a business, our guiding principle continues to be the same: providing excellence in service and quality to our customers. We have outlined below what makes Simon George & Sons an industry leader in terms of products, services and seasonal produce.

Our productsOur Products

We source the highest quality fresh fruit and vegetables and can offer the most extensive range and volume of products, including rare and exotic lines. With the scale and location of our facilities, along with the relationships we have established over many years as a leader in the industry, allow us to continue providing our customers with the best wholesale fruit and vegetables available on the market.

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Our ServicesOur Services

We take pride in being able to offer customised delivery to suit our clients’ preferences for how they wish to have their fruit and vegetables supplied. This includes in respect to the processing and packaging of produce to suit clients’ operational and service needs.

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Seasonality is an important factor for many of our leading customers in the hospitality and food service industry, and as such we take great care in supplying relevant information to assist with purchasing decisions. Each season we also have the capacity to supply a very extensive and enviable list of produce, including wholesale vegetables, which will meet even the most discerning requirements.

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