Our Products

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

We pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy the individual needs and unique specifications of our clientele. We are especially proud of the longevity of these relationships, several of which span our history in servicing Queensland. Our ability to meet our clients’ special needs is enhanced through our direct contact and close relationships with growers – we have developed an intimate understanding of their side of the business and how it impacts upon the end product.

Seasonality is obviously a key factor affecting produce quality and availability, with some exotic fruits and vegetables only available for a few weeks at a time. Ongoing communication with our clients means that we can assist them in the preparation of menus to ensure they are taking full advantage of the best range of produce available at any one time.  We make seasonal calendars and charts available for convenience – and our product list below is also categorised according to seasonality.

We are proud of the fact we can offer our customers one of the largest varieties of the best quality fresh fruit and vegetables in the national marketplaces in which we operate, delivered expediently, through a quality controlled supply chain.  Our range, scale and long developed relationships with growers, allows for great advantages in both the sourcing, carriage and ultimate delivery of our fresh fruit and vegetables.