Seasonal Calendar


Certain fruit and vegetables are at their optimum quality at certain times of the year – a concept commonly referred to as “seasonality”.  Many of our customers, as leaders in food-service,  insist on using on the very best seasonal fruit and vegetables they can obtain.

Consequently, we make it our business to ensure that the finest seasonal produce and information is available to our customers to assist in their purchasing decisions.

Simon George & Sons understands the necessity for chef’s and many other businesses in the hospitality industry to plan ahead and for this reason, we have designed an extensive, up-to-date calendar and catalogue for all of our products that experience seasonality throughout the year.

Obviously, due to the impact weather has on supply, we cannot guarantee the constant availability of the produce on this list, but our operational capacity and structure gives us better access and opportunity than most, to meet our customers most discerning expectations.

Our seasonal calendar serves as a great guide to assist with menu planning and special events.   A full reproduction of our visual seasonal calendar, categorised by variety, may be viewed below; or  downloaded as a PDF.  

Alternatively, comprehensive individual lists of seasonal produce are attached as downloads below:

  • Summer : December // January // February
  • Autumn : March // April // May
  • Winter : June // July // August
  • Spring :  September // October // November
 You may also wish to browse our extensive product catalogue on the basis of seasonal availability.