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    We are kicking off the Pine Mushroom season with these beauties headed straight to the team at @bisoubisou_xx 🍄🍄

Grown amongst the pine trees in Sydney 🌲 We can’t wait to see more of them in the markets. 

#freshfood #farmfresh #pinemushrooms #mushrooms #seasonalproduce #seasonalvegetables #vegetables
    Queen Kathy 👑 has been busy this week prepping salad packs to head off to ALPA regional communities 🥬🍅

Kathy does an amazing job of prepping over 300 salad packs every week and we so appreciate the love and care she puts into each and every one! 💚

#freshproduce #seasonalproduce #alpastores #darwin #wholesaleproduce #marketfresh #welcometothefamily
    Look no further! We’ve found your new favourite fruit! 🏆🥝 

Aside from being ultra cute and tasty, kiwiberries are packed with antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C & E!

These bite site treats are only available for a very short season, so get in quick! 🥝 

#freshfooddaily #seasonalproduce #freshfood #freshproduce #seasonalproduce #kiwiberry #kiwi

    To market we go

    Our buying team proactively source the best local produce and provide regular insights into what’s fresh including logistical, weather and government insights that influence the wholesale fruit and vegetable market in the short and long term.

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