Environmentally friendly foodservices

Green is good

Given we’re in the business of supplying nature’s goodness, it’s only natural that we operate with environmental consciousness top of mind. Never before has it been more important to act sustainably so future generations can enjoy the fruits of our Aussie farmers’ labours. As a commitment to mother earth, the Simon George & Sons Sustainability Program infuses environmentally friendly initiatives across daily business operations, sunrise to sunset.

Our goal is to impart meaningful impact through a program of proactive green practices including:

Energy efficient technology
Solar power integration
Emission reduction machinery
Grey water cycling

Rain water collection
Onsite waste recycling
Green packaging
Compliance with Government regulations

It's fair to say we're a lean, green, wholesale produce machine.

Hello Sunshine!

We believe community starts with a simple “hello”. While we’ve grown to become a nationwide foodservice supplier, we’re still very much locals at heart who prefer putting a face to the name. We’re patriotically proud to support local with 97% of our fruit and vegetables supplied grown on Australian shores. Across our six locations, we work closely with clients and communities to build real relationships that celebrate growth and success in enthusiastic collaborations.

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Confit tomatoes, feta, red elk, dill, parsley, nuts and middle eastern spices on sourdough. These guys are making sure the Darwin locals have access to the best flavours when it comes to smashing our avocados. 

‘Avo toast is always a good idea’ say @lanewaycoffee - and we absolutely agree.
They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and that’s literally true when it comes to our Gavin.

Gavin, along with loving our apples and grapes (though both have been banned by his wife for being… musical fruits shall we say!) has been a much loved driver with us since 2019. 

He says the best part of his job is working with his Townsville SGS family. We say the pleasure is all ours. #meetthefamily
The half-time orange break? The nostalgia of summers with freshly squeezed juice? Wherever the taste takes you back to, now’s the perfect time to remember your zest for life as we enter peak citrus season.

This week, the juicy goods are from New South Wales, with the Aussie blood orange available too. #bestbuy #freshfood #freshfoods #freshfoodie #freshfooddaily#freshfoodmatters 
#freshproduce #freshfruit

To market we go

Our buying team proactively source the best local produce and provide regular insights into what’s fresh including logistical, weather and government insights that influence the wholesale fruit and vegetable market in the short and long term.

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