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Paddock to plate

Simon George & Sons has built an industry-leading reputation for delivering the finest seasonal produce available in the domestic foodservices market. Professionals with decades of fresh produce experience source only the highest quality produce from farmers who grow and harvest at the top of the food chain.

These established relationships have matured over the years with a shared commitment “to provide outstanding fruit and vegetables year-round that offer five-star freshness and taste to discerning clients seeking only the best quality produce available in-market”. Stemming from this is our ability to offer the most extensive range and volume of products, including rare and exotic lines along with seasonally best local fruit and vegetables. Our loyal clients know that their unique ordering specifications will be delivered with confidence and care by an extended family who truly value their business. There’s good reason why Simon George & Sons is prolifically recognised for always producing the goods.

How it all works

Meet some of our growers

Kate, Earth Foods
Julattan, Far North QLD

Steve, Cairns Microgreens
Atherton Tablelands, Far North QLD

Luigi, Scomazzon Farming
Mossman, Far North QLD

Chris, Tableland Hydroponics
Tolga, Far North QLD

James & Liza, Harvest Hill Orchard
Humpty Doo, Northern Territory

Sam, Middle Point Banana Farm
Middle Point, Northern Territory

52 weeks of freshness

The Simon George & Sons Seasonal Calendar keeps you across the vast wholesale produce selections available across Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

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    They are called watermelons for a reason! This week's best buy is made of 92% water and is here to keep you feeling cool and fresh all summer long. Watermelons are naturally fat-free and packed from rind to rind with with antioxidants, amino acids and deliciousness.

Thanks a melon to our friends in Victoria for supplying us with these gorgeous, mouth watering fruits.

To get the best priced watermelons and discover this weeks other best buys, reach out to your Account Manager.
    He may not be dressed in blue and white pyjamas 🍌 , but Robert has well and truly earned his nickname…. B2! 
B2 loves all fruits and veggies, but is well known for his affinity for 🍌 . Robert joined our family in September 2017 as a driver for our Townsville branch. 
He says the best part of his job is getting to know our clients and building those relationships via his silly jokes. 
B2 by nickname, but we think he’s pretty A1! 
    This week’s best buy gets a lot of airtime in emoji form 👀

Whether you call it aubergine like the British and French - or eggplant like the Americans (named after the small, round, white versions that looked a bit like goose eggs) - these beauts are currently sourced from Glasshouse, SA and amazingly priced for this time of year 🍆

    To market we go

    Our buying team proactively source the best local produce and provide regular insights into what’s fresh including logistical, weather and government insights that influence the wholesale fruit and vegetable market in the short and long term.

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