Celebrating 20 years of Golf & Giving

Simon George & Sons was proud to co-host the Mater Charity Golf Day in May.

We just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to all who attended the 2016 Mater Charity Golf Day in May.

Not only was it a great day of golf, your generosity helped us to raise nearly $50,000 for a new pregnancy assessment centre, the first of its kind in Australia.

Simon George & Sons has co-hosted the Mater Charity Golf Day for the last 20 years. Since beginning our relationship with the Mater in 1996, we have raised more than $1 million dollars to assist them in the delivery of key projects and facilities for the community.


Q: What is the oldest recipe collection in the world?

 It seems that wherever you turn at the moment, Europe is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Whether it's the Euro versus the dollar, the babushkas performance at Eurovision or the early morning Euro 2012 matches - European Culture is well and truly on the agenda in Australia. So without further ado, this week we're featuring traditional dishes from the hot contenders at the Euro 2012’s competition and celebrating the fresh produce that makes them odds on favourites.


Red Cabbage:

Image: www.marketfresh.com.au

Availability: all year, best Mar – May
Appearance: compact head of smooth red-purple leaves with small white veins
Selection: choose heads that are heavy for size, with crisp, bright leaves
Prep: when cooking add lemon or vinegar to water to protect colour, beware of colour bleeding into other ingredients

Traditional dish: ROTKOHL (sweet & sour red cabbage) - often served with winter dishes such as beef in buttermilk

Modern inspiration: Mustard and sage pork cutlets with red wine cabbage and lentils



Tomatoes (Heirloom):

Photo: SG&S

Availability: all year, fluctuates
Appearance: compact head of smooth red-purple leaves with small white veins
Selection: choose heads that are heavy for size, with crisp, bright leaves
Prep: when cooking add lemon or vinegar to water to protect colour, beware of colour bleeding into other ingredients

Traditional dish: GAZPACHOraw vegetable soup served cold

Modern inspiration: Hand-pounded Gazpacho



Aubergine: aka eggplant

Image: freepik

Availability: all year, best Jan - Jul
Appearance: smooth purple fruit- pear shaped with glossy skin
Selection: look for firm, glossy, bright, skin. Should feel heavy for size.
Prep: highly versatile, can be sauteed, baked, roasted, fried, stuffed, stir fried, steamed or grilled

Traditional dish: RATATOUILLEvegetable dish often used as a side

Modern inspiration: Yotam Ottolenghi's Indian ratatouille recipe




Image: www.telegraph.co.uk

Availability: all year, best Jun - Dec
Appearance: look likes red celery
Selection: choose stalks that are crisp, firm, glossy and bright
Prep: once leaves are removed, cook and add to pies, crumbles or even slice finely and add to a salad

Traditional dish: RHUBARB & CUSTARD

Modern inspiration: Rhubarb semifreddo and pistachio cream with a honey madeleine



Tuscan Cabbage: aka Black Cabbage or Cavalo Nero

Image: www.bbc.co.uk/food


Availability: all year
Appearance: sold in bunches of long dark green leaves. The leaves are heavily bubbled with a thick, white vein from stem to tip
Selection: look for firm, plump stalks and bright, fresh leaves
Prep: traditionally used in soups and pastas or steamed, also a fantastic stir-fry vegetable

Traditional dish: RIBOLITTA: Tuscan Cabbage bread soup

Modern inspiration: Ditalini, borlotti bean and cavolo nero soup




Image: www.guardian.co.uk

Availability: all year, best during cooler months
Appearance: bright red – deep purple tuber (often has white streaks)
Selection: choose beets that are crisp, firm, glossy and bright- fresh leaves are a good indicator
Prep: rinse in cold water, cook in boiling water, then remove skin

Traditional dish: BORSCHT

Modern Inspiration: Beetroot Soup with fetta


A: While many chefs have heard of ‘De re coquinaria’ (The Art of Cooking by Apicius) there is actually a much older recipe book in the Yale University Collection. The recipes are carved into ancient tablets dating back to approximately 1700BC. Originally believed to be pharmaceutical/medicinal in nature, it was only when successfully deciphered in the mid 80s that they were identified as recipes. Jean Bottero who translated the tablets describes the food as "a cuisine of striking richness, refinement, sophistication and artistry, which is surprising from such an early period. Previously we would not have dared to think a cuisine 4,000 years old was so advanced."



“If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples, then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” Bernard Shaw

While Bernard Shaw has been dead for over 60 years and was Irish to boot, this quote could not be more relevant to the Food Service industry in Australia.

As far as industries go, Food Service has to be one of the most competitive, dynamic and unpredictable. It demands constant self-appraisal and reinvention with little room for error. At a time when margins are so tight that it makes running a profitable restaurant nigh on impossible, I can’t help but think that it will be our ability to work together as a ‘food community’ and share knowledge/ideas that will propel the industry forward. 

With this in mind, Simon George & Sons invites you to join us at the FOOD SERVICE AUSTRALIA event being held at the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Pk between Sunday,  27th May and Tuesday 29th May, 2012. Food Service Australia is a show dedicated to the Food Service industry; where everyone from producers to chefs can come to network, be inspired and find products and services relevant to their business needs.

For our part, Simon George & Sons will be hosting a killer stand at the event! You will find us in the thick of the action, halfway between the Restaurant and Chef theatres. Come join us for a chat about our speciality lines, processing plant and online ordering or simply come recharge the batteries and enjoy some fresh produce.

While you’re at it, why not enter ‘Chef of the Year 2012’ and take home $10,000 prize money! Won by Nicolas Poelaert from Embrasse in 2011, ‘Chef of the Year’ sees Australia’s best battling to create three knockout dishes from a ‘black box’ of ingredients in just one hour. As a sponsor of ‘Chef of the Year’ in 2012, Simon George & Sons is looking forward to seeing the wonderful talent of Australia’s chefs on show. Entries close tomorrow, click here to enter or find out more.

To join us in trading ideas and apples Food Service professionals can register at www.foodserviceaustralia.com.au

We hope to see you there.