The end of August into early September is a time of transition at the markets, with winter produce lines winding up and the flavours that signify summer (and the busy season) starting to make an appearance. So, to help with menu planning this Spring we thought we’d pull together a market update on key produce lines and how they’re predicted to perform over the coming months.


JUicy fruits. Slices of grapefruits, oranges, lemons and kiwi fruits

Market Update: While it’s late in the season for Australian citrus there are a number of lines that will continue to be good quality eating into October. We can also look forward to the imminent arrival of new season Valencia Oranges.

Selection: Look for bright, plump fruit that is heavy for size. Don’t be put off if Valencia’s have a green tint, this can happen in hotter climates and does not affect flavour.


Availability: Jun – August – good quality fruit will end in the next 4 weeks.

Flavour: sweet, juicy and less acidic than regular oranges


Availability: Sept – April

Flavour: Rich, citrus flavour




Market Update: Topless pineapples are going to be at their peak for the next 4-6 weeks.

Selection: No matter which variety you buy it’s important to note that pineapples may get juicier after harvesting but they don’t get sweeter – so choose plump fruit with no bruising/blemishes and a fresh, sweet (but not too sweet) pineapple fragrance.

BETHONGA: aka Topless Gold/Bethonga Gold Hybrid

Availability: best Sept-May

Appearance: smooth, topless, slightly smaller than smooth cayenne

Flavour: less fibrous and low acidity makes them more aromatic and sweeter in flavour than smooth cayenne



asparagus (1)

Market Update: Asparagus season is underway with quality spears now available at the markets. Rainfall has meant a slow start to this year’s harvest but it won’t impact domestic supply. We always look forward to the arrival of white asparagus due to gourmet appeal but don’t overlook its purple brethren, with lower fibre content it boasts sweet, thick spears that can be used from tip to butt.


Green: All year, at its peak Sept- Dec

Baby Green: All year, best Sept- Dec

White: Sept – Jan

Purple: Oct – Dec



peaches studio isolated over white

Market Update: Some early season Peaches and Nectarines are arriving at the markets now. With quality and flavour still developing, the USA fruit may look and eat better for the next few weeks but then it will be all systems go for this homegrown favourite.


Yellowflesh: September – March

Whiteflesh (juicy, sweet): October- March


Yellowflesh (mix of sweet/light acid flavours): November – March

Whiteflesh (hold the acid, sweet and fragrant): November – March


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