Q: How has Simon George & Sons changed over its 80 year history?

The food service industry is a demanding one and no matter where you fall on the supply chain (from farmer to front of house) having a passionate, strong team around you is the key ingredient for success. With this in mind, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Simon George & Sons, St Peters management team. Over the last 12 months at St Peters we have cultivated a dynamic, passionate team who have the experience and the drive required to position Simon George & Sons as a market leader- who delivers both quality produce and a rewarding, positive customer experience.


Damian George: Director of Sydney Operations

Damian has a wealth of experience across all areas of the fruit and vegetable industry. Having worked in the wholesale fruit and veg business since he was 15, Damian’s extensive product knowledge and vast network of industry contacts offers our clients a unique advantage over the competition.

Stephen Quintano: Sales Manager

Stephen is a key member of the team. After 12 years working as a chef in Sydney and 30 years in the hospitality/food service industry; he not only appreciates good food, he understands the pressures of the kitchen and can offer valuable insights into menu planning and seasonal availability.

Angelique Soumaher: Sales Administration

Considered the rock of our Sales/Customer Service team, Angelique has been working in fruit and vegetable wholesale for just shy of a decade and knows everything there is to know about the administrational side of the business.


Murat Tasdemir: Operations Manager

Murat is a fairly recent addition to the Simon George & Sons team having come on board in the last few months. Murat’s ability to streamline and refine large scale operations makes him the ideal man to iron out the kinks and ensure our service is a market leader in efficiency and reliability.

Brett Marks: Floor Manager

Brett is a logistics man and it’s a good thing too, as he is responsible for making sure that a warehouse full of orders is picked, checked and delivered on time (by a fleet that can  travel over 1600km in a single day).


Clare Smethurst: Marketing & Promotions

Trained as a journalist but sold out to advertising/marketing very early on. Since then I have had the pleasure of bring surrounded by gourmet food working on or alongside premium brands such as Qantas magazine, Qantas Club Lounges, delicious and Vogue Entertaining + Travel.

A: While many things have changed in the fruit and vegetable industry since 1927 – the guiding principles remain the same and despite a strong commitment to innovation, Simon George & Sons hasn’t lost sight of the core values of hard work, customer service, premium product and meaningful, long-term relationships that made us a market leader. While we may be a large-scale operation, being family owned and operated we have the freedom to focus on the things that make us different: trust, reliability, personal relationships, know-how, culture and communication. Lets hope the next 80 years are as rewarding.