Q:  What was the first refrigerated vehicle for transporting fresh food on land?

 At Simon George & Sons we keep our cool in our new fleet of refrigerated delivery vehicles.  Custom built by Hino and Therma Truck, the fleet’s cutting-edge design makes it possible for Simon George & Sons to deliver the freshest produce safely and reliably every time.

The bespoke Therma Truck bodies are made of the highest quality materials, going over and above standard product handling requirements. Moulded fibreglass panels with a polyurethane foam core insulate the vehicle and aid temperature recovery, ensuring the last delivery of the day is as fresh as the first. The panels are seamless, easily cleaned and fitted with load restraints; making the trucks efficient, hygienic and secure.

To help us improve our service, a state of the art tracking system has been installed in all Simon George & Sons vehicles. The system allows us to provide instant feedback on the location of deliveries, monitor potential delays and streamline delivery routes to better serve our clients.  The upshot, no more 'Car 54, where are you?’!

Simon George & Sons strives to deliver the highest quality product and reliable service to our business partners. We are committed to offering an innovative approach to fruit and veg that that will benefit both our clients and the industry as a whole... while we stay cool!

 A: Refrigerated railroad cars. In 1867, J.B. Sutherland of Detroit, Michigan patented the refrigerator car, designed with ice tanks at either end of the car it had ventilator flaps near the floor which created a draft of cold air through the car.