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FRESH FACT:  Bananas (much like money) do NOT grow on trees. Related to the lily and orchid, the banana plant is actually a giant herb that produces edible fruit, known to reach 9m in height, it is the world’s largest perennial plant without a woody stem.   The banana is one of the most well known and easily recognisable fruits…

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Q: What does Paisley pattern have to do with Mangoes? It’s easy to tell when mangoes are in full swing at the Sydney Markets, not only are the luscious yellow fruits clearly in abundance but their sweet, tropical aroma literally takes over the Flemington site, distracting buyers and visitors with early morning visions of cocktails and beach holidays. While we’re…

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Q: Are Warrigal Greens an all-Australian speciality? Having worked on premium food magazines for much of the last decade, I am fully able to appreciate the overwhelming momentum of the ‘foodie culture’ here in Australia. Whether you put it down to the rise of the ‘Celebrity Chef’, industry efforts to make great food more accessible or the influence of stunning…

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