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BUYER’S GUIDE: 29/11/11 – 05/12/11

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As your eyes at the markets, here’s this week’s seasonal update from our buyers: BEST BUYS: FRUIT: Cavendish Bananas- large (QLD) Plums (NSW) R2E2 Mangoes (QLD) Rockmelon (QLD) Watermelon (QLD)   VEGETABLES: Chat Potato – small (SA) Cherry truss tomatoes (NSW) Medium tomatoes (QLD) New Season: Portabello Mushroom (NSW) Telegraph Cucumber (QLD)   SOMETHING DIFFERENT: Dragon Fruit (QLD) Lychee (QLD) Mangosteen…

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Q: Are there any flowers that are better left off the plate??    The food service industry is just as vulnerable to ‘trending’ as fashion retail or twitter. While we may not update our dining habits as regularly as we tweet, social trends undeniably influence what appears on the menu. Edible flowers are a prime example of how cultural trends…

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BUYER’S GUIDE: 22/11/11 – 28/11/11

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As your eyes at the markets, here’s this week’s seasonal update from our buyers: BEST BUYS: FRUIT: Red delicious apples – small (NSW) Cavendish Bananas (QLD) Honeydew Melon (QLD) Mango (NT) Nectarine (NSW) VEGETABLES: Green Bean (QLD) New Season: Lebanese Cucumber (NSW) Iceberg Lettuce (NSW) Pontiac Potato (NSW) New Season: Red Cherry Tomatoes (NSW)   SOMETHING DIFFERENT: Assorted Micro-herbs (VIC)…

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Q: They’re tasty, but are tomatoes good for you?   A member of the nightshade family, tomatoes, or apples of love as they were once known, were introduced to the world following the Spanish conquest of Central America in the 1500s. While it is now a staple ingredient in cuisines the world over, the last 500 years has seen this lush…

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Q: Where does our Stonefruit come from? The Australian stone fruit season is underway with early season peaches, nectarines and cherries now available. Drupes (stone fruits) are fleshy fruits whose seed is encased in a stone at its centre- peaches, nectarines, cherries, plums, apricots (and almonds) all belong to this family. Stone fruit can be broken down into; clingstone, freestone…

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Q: What does a chef’s hat have to do with cooking an egg? An increased awareness of social and environmental responsibility is influencing consumer choices and nowhere is this more apparent than with the humble egg. Patrons look for organic or free-range eggs on the menu, but with only voluntary standards for eggs production in Australia, how do we really know…

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