BUYER'S GUIDE: 5th June - 12th June

The overall quality on market has improved this week, with most items in good supply and very few shorts or items not available. Tomatoes and Strawberries still have some way to go before they are in their winter mode, however weather permitting this should be in the next week or two. Front runners 'fruit wise' is still the Apples, Pears and Citrus while 'veggie wise' it's Beans, Cauliflowers, Mushrooms & Spuds.

USA Cherries are now in full swing and price is easing weekly. We are stocking the larger Darker Cherry which is slightly more expensive but are the best eating and have the best visual appeal! Smaller fruit is available on request and the price is less.

Truffles: We are waiting for confirmation of our first arrival. The season is looking to be the best since the inception of Truffles Down-under.

Something New: “Samples Available on Request”

  • Purple Jester Potatoes- deep purple inside and out
  • Russet Burbank Potatoes- great for chipping
  • Zebero’s Tomatoes- similar to Black Tigers, available by the punnet
  • Heirloom Tomatoes- in good supply


Fruit: Orange- No 2 juicing (NSW) * Packham Pears - green (VIC) * Red Papaya (QLD) * Rockmelon (QLD)  

Vegetable: Brussel Sprouts (VIC) * Button Mushrooms (NSW) * Leek - large (TAS) * Potato -washed, large (SA) * Rhubarb (NSW)  * Silverbeet (NSW)


Fruit: Cherries (Imp- US) * Drinking Coconuts (IMP) * Golden Delicious Apples (VIC) * Honey Pears (VIC) * Red Pommello (QLD) * Strawberries - XL (QLD- New Season)

Vegetable: Asparagus - white (IMP) * Heirloom Tomatoes (NSW) * Mandarins - VIP (QLD) * Royal Blue Potato (TAS)


Short Supply: Chestnut Mushroom * Yellow Butter Bean * Yellow Zucchini 

Not Available: Blood Oranges * Purple Asparagus

BUYER'S GUIDE: 15th - 21st May


Tomato Agent's dream as prices go through the roof!!

Supply is short but the abnormally high figure is driven by the Market Agents not the farmer. Ever since we grew accustomed to crazy prices for fresh produce after the first QLD cyclone, the market agents are quick to jump- especially Tomato Agents!! In short, tomatoes are available this week but are over the top in price!

As for the rest of the market, very little change. Some slight increases matched by an equal amount of decreases.


One to watch again this week is Strawberries- which are still holding ground but will come back over the next few weeks.

Rockmelons are still up in price but quality is good- plenty to cover for them this week. Both Watermelons are down in price, as are Honeydews.

Apples, Pears, Kiwifruit & Gold Kiwi, imported Dates, Mandarins, imported Mangoes, New Season Navel Oranges, Pineapples, Dragonfruit & Pomegranates! Go the Fruit!


Red Light on Tomatoes where possible!

Other ones to watch: Rocket will be available, supply is down, price is up- same with good Lebanese Cucumbers! Sub Gold Squash for Yellow Zucchinis. Baby Caps (Red and Vine Sweet) are NA, the rest is clear.

Artichokes, Cauliflowers, Beetroot, Brussels Sprouts, Chinese Cabbage, Celery, Celeriac, Chillies, Eggplant, Leeks, Mushrooms, Peas, Sweet Corn, Sweet Potatoes & Zucchini- all good to go.

News: USA Cherries by the end of the week!!



Fruit: Avocado (QLD) * Gold Kiwifruit (imported) * Mangoes (imported) * Navel Oranges - lge (SA) * Watermelon - seedless (QLD)

Vegetable: Celery (VIC) * Fresh Green Peas (VIC) * Leek - lge (VIC) * Portabello Mushrooms (NSW) * Red Spanish Onion (SA)


Fruit: Golden Delicious Apples (VIC) * Cumquats (QLD) * Feijoas (NSW) * Guava (QLD) * Pomegranate (VIC) * Quince (QLD)

Vegetable: Honeycomb - full frame (QLD) * Jap Pumpkins (QLD) * Red Witlof (VIC) * Slippery Jack Mushrooms (NSW)


Short Supply: Raspberries (expensive ) * Wild Rocket

Not Available: Baby Red Capsicum * Blood Oranges * Yellow Zucchini

BUYER'S GUIDE: 28th Feb - 5th Mar 2012

As your eyes at the markets, here’s this week’s seasonal update from our buyers:

Overall the general market price is down due to lower demand, but quality is still showing signs of the poor weather. Again it’s the ground grown crops, local Asian vegetables and herbs that are worst hit. Fruit is still holding and in most products there is no change in price.

Good supplies of New and Old season Apples. Apricots are just about all over.
Long watermelons not worth buying due to quality. Seedless same price and good gear.
Full range of Exotics from FNQ: Rambutans, Starfruit, Longans, Kett Mangos, Red Papaya, Persimmons plus more.

Iceberg Lettuce, Coloured Lettuce, Gourmet Mesclums, Asian Leaf Veg and Herbs are feeling the wet and are up in price due to lower supply, quality is above par to good.

Still no shortages to pick from. The usual culprits; Broccoli, Caulies, Spuds, Carrots, Beans, Sweet Potatoes and Pumpkin are all good to go and priced well.  



Cavendish Bananas (QLD)

Peak Season Fig Trays (NSW)

Lychees (QLD)

Mango - Ketts (QLD)

Red Seedless Grapes (VIC)


Beetroot- large (NSW)

Cauliflower (NSW)

Desiree Potatoes - large (SA)

Green Zucchini (NSW)

Sweetcorn (NSW)




Banana Buds (QLD)

Banana Leaves (QLD)

Finger Limes (NSW)

Golden Delicious apples (VIC)

Longan (QLD)


Green Olives - large, raw (NSW)

Kiwiberries (New Zealand)

Papaya - green/cooking (QLD)

Prickly Pear (NSW)

New Season Quince (QLD)



Short Supply:

Borlotti Beans

Marsh Grapefruit

Yellow Paw Paw

Not Available:

Baby Gold Beetroot

Blood Orange