BUYER'S GUIDE: 8th May - 14th May


The cooler weather and the changeover of growing areas is affecting some products (these will hold throughout winter or come back into play once the QLD season switches on in 3 to 4 weeks time).

Main products affected:

Figs: Price on the move and supply slowing as the season comes to an end. SGS will have supply right throughout winter, just watch the cost from June onwards

Grapes: Quality Seedless White and Coloured on the move up in price

Honeydew: QLD season has commenced and it is expected price, quality and supply will hold as is for the winter

Rockmelon: QLD season has commenced, price will hold till the season get into full swing in the next 3 to 4 weeks

Strawberries: Limited supplies at present- eating quality just okay and price right up there. Will change with the QLD Season commencing early June

Tomatoes: QLD- Bowen season about 3 weeks away, expect market to stay high till then

Watermelons: Quality is better in the small size melons for both varieties, price back this week


Honeydews, Rockmelons & Strawberries the 3 main products to watch out for- price and quality.

Prime Products are Apples, Pears, Citrus, Hass Avocados, Bananas, Pineapples, Kiwifruit, Imported Dates, Dragonfruit, Pomegranates, Pomelos  & Quince.


Tomatoes, Gold Squash, Red Witlof, Gourmet Rocket & Spinach are the mains ones to watch this week- quality, supply and price. Rocket will be short due to poor weather down south.

Prime Products are Artichokes, Beans - Broad, Borlotti, Continental & Green, Broccolini, Cauliflowers, Celery, Eggplant, Cos and Iceberg Lettuce, Button Mushrooms, Sweet Potatoes & Zucchini.   

News from WA: Bumper Truffle crop expect this coming season, peaking in July!



Fruit: Bethonga Pineapple (QLD) * Californian Dates (Import) * Granny Smith Apples- med (VIC) * Kiwifruit- bulk buy (VIC) * Mandarin (QLD)

Vegetable: Baby Broccoli (VIC) * Button Mushrooms (NSW) * Celeriac (NSW) * Silverbeet (NSW)- Sweet Potato - lge (QLD)


Fruit: Feijoas (NSW) * Longans (Import) * Mangoes (Import) * Pears - Beuure Bosc (VIC) * Pears - Honey(VIC)

Vegetable: Baby Dutch Carrot (NSW) * Baby Globe Artichoke (NSW) * Habanero Chili- HOT (NSW) * Honeycomb - full frame (QLD) * Portabello Mushroom (NSW)


Short Supply: Red Witlof

Not Available: Baby Red Capsicum * Green Mangoes * Oyster Mushroom- Pink * Oyster Mushroom- Yellow