With flood warnings across major growing regions in NSW and storms predicted to hit QLD over the next few days, the markets are beginning to see quality issues. Demand is currently steady, however as supply tightens we can expect prices to increase.

Beans- Borlotti in particular are currently very thin on the ground, QLD storms could see shortages in other varieties

Herbs- bunch lines heavily affected by the rain, very short shelf life (buy as needed)- alternatively consider micro-herbs. Grown in greenhouses these are good quality, have a longer shelf life and are in good supply (if not quite as rich in colour due to lower light)

Melon Lines- short supply, pricy

Berries – in particular strawberries are poor quality with short shelf life- figs are fabulous eating at the moment and could be a good substitute

Tomatoes good quality produce from NSW and VIC is scarce, prices will reflect short supply

Zucchini Flowers- Very limited, not a recommended buy

Potential issues with: Cauliflower, Broccoli, Zucchini

We can expect more of the same supply/price issues over the coming month and will do our best to notify you in advance of shortages and best substitutes.