Q: Which other locally sourced produce lines should I be looking out for at the moment?

While it may still be only September, I am already shifting towards alfresco dining (where possible) and adjusting my palate to the lighter, fresher flavours that go hand in hand with the rising mercury and my annual Spring health kick. I know I’m not alone and this week I wanted to share not only our range of fresh produce lines perfect for the next wave of salads and sides, but also show some support for our local growers and profile top quality produce that SG&S is currently sourcing from Greater Sydney/NSW based growers.  


LOCAL PRODUCT: Hydroponic Mix

There are a number of reasons to enjoy hydro lettuce, probably the most obvious being it is free of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. It may not technically be classified as organic but many consider it pretty close. Essentially a mesclun mix made up of ¾ leaf sizes (rocket, baby spinach etc) it’s a great base for any salad.

Image: www.letusgrow.com.au

Source: Sydney/NSW

Supply:  good supply, all leaf lines performing well


LOCAL PRODUCT: Oak Lettuce (Red/Green)

For further information on Oak Lettuce characteristics and availability, please refer to our past blog on leaf lines- A Touch of Frost

Source: mostly NSW, however product is also sourced from VIC when required

Supply:  currently performing well- supply, quality and price all good


LOCAL PRODUCT: Cos Lettuce (Standard/Baby)

For more information on Cos Lettuce characteristics and availability, please refer to our past bulletin on leaf lines- A Touch of Frost

Image: www.wiffens.com

Source: NSW

Supply:  Both Baby Cos and standard Cos are performing well, standard Cos is good quality and super cheap- making it one of our best buys this week. Meanwhile Baby Cos is fantastic eating



Not to be confused with Witlof/Belgian Endive which is also sometimes referred to as Chicory, this leaf line boasts a stronger bitter flavour than witlof, with production peaking in the warmer months.

Source: NSW

Supply: good quality stock, with supply plentiful and therefore pricing well



For further information on Endive characteristics and availability, please refer to our past bulletin on leaf lines- A Touch of Frost

Image: www.marketfresh.com.au

Source: NSW

Supply: good quality stock, with supply plentiful and therefore pricing well



LOCAL PRODUCT: Spring Onions aka Salad Onions

Growing up my mother referred to Spring Onions as Salad Onions, their softer flavour and characteristics make the perfect for lighter dishes

Image: freepik.com

Source: NSW

Supply:  great buying at the moment, quality is fantastic and supply strong


LOCAL PRODUCT: Dutch Carrots & Baby Dutch Carrots

For more information on Dutch Carrots characteristics and availability, please refer to our past bulletin on baby veg – Life’s Little Treasures

Image: www.marketfresh.com.au

Source: NSW

Supply: lovely sweet carrots arriving at the markets- steady supply and good pricing



The original Australian Spinach, not only is it great buying at the moment but full of nutrition and flavour

Image: www.fruitezy.com.au

Source: NSW

Supply:  One of our best buys this week Silverbeet is fantastic quality, great supply and priced accordingly


LOCAL PRODUCT: Cime de Rapa aka Rapini, Broccoli Rapa

A common cooking vegetable in Italy, the slightly bitter florets and leaves of Rapa make it worth adding to the shopping list as it goes beautifully

Image: www.wikipedia.com

Source: NSW

Supply:  featured on our ‘Something Different’ items this week Rapa is arriving in good quality and is reasonably supplied and priced at the moment


LOCAL PRODUCT: Field Mushrooms

Despite falling outside the usual peak period for mushrooms, most varieties are fantastic eating at the moment. For more information on mushroom characteristics, please refer to our past bulletin – Packed to the Gills

Image: freepik.com

Source: NSW

Supply:  Cup mushrooms in particular are fantastic buying and eating right now, however it is always hard to go past a magnificently meaty Portabello!


A: Our local farmers are doing us proud, currently supplying fantastic quality BERRIES- mulberries, blueberries, APPLES, ZUCCHINI FLOWERS- fruit attached, KALE, TUSCAN CABBAGE the list goes on. When it comes to serving up a stunning side you might want to consider our Asian greens which are almost entirely sourced from local farmers – chinese broccoli, bok choi, gai choy, choi sum to name a few. In terms of performance, the market is currently seeing good quality and price for Asian Greens, with the exception of Gai Choy which is in short supply?


Q: With the urban sprawl of Sydney, do we have truly local produce available? 

The Crave, Sydney International Food Festival is well and truly underway with Sydneysiders (and travelling foodies) basking in the glow of World Class chefs and the latest food trends. Despite its international focus, the festival keeps some things close to home. The 100 mile meal challenge, is a series of events that throw down the gauntlet to Sydney chefs, challenging them to host an event where their menu is made up entirely of locally grown produce. There are over twenty 100 mile meal events being held this year, with sustainability champion Jared Ingersoll from Cotton Duck going so far as to host a 10 mile waddle.

 Outside of the Crave Festival, Sydney chefs are increasingly requesting local produce; actively embracing the market culture and the benefits of using seasonal ingredients with low food miles. A prime example is the redesign of Café Opera at the Intercontinental Hotel, where Executive Head Chef Tamas Pamer and Executive Sous Chef Julien Pouteau took on the challenge of using seasonal, locally produced ingredients in their signature buffet.

 Simon George & Sons works closely with Sydney producers and has a strong offering of local produce this Spring, much of which is grown within 50 miles of Sydney, never mind 100! To prepare your palate for the 100 Mile Meals series, here is a snapshot of some of our best produce from close to home:


Exotic Mushrooms-  Oyster (white, pink, yellow), Nameko, Enoki, Gold Enoki, Porcini, Shimeji, Shitake, Swiss Brown, Woodear

Heirloom Carrots-  Purple, White, Yellow

Carrots-  Golfball, Dutch

Beetroot-  Standard, Baby Beetroot, Baby Goldne Beetroot

Edible Flowers-  Season about to start 

Asian Veges-  Most ranges

Zucchini Flowers


Tomatoes-  Truss, Cherry Truss, Roma

Hydroponic Lettuce-  Baby Cos

Lettuce-  Cos, Iceberg

Garden Vegetables-  Shallots, Spring Onions, Radish etc

Herbs-  Basil, Rosemary, Parsley, Thyme etc

Sprouts and Shoots-  Bean Sprouts

Cucumber-  Telegraph, Lebanese




English Spinach






Get into the spirit of 100 Mile Meals with your own local produce menu. Contact Simon George & Sons for more information on this season’s best local produce.   

A: Yes. Greater Sydney produces 7% of the state’s total agriculture and 12% of its total vegetables. The Sydney region overall produces 90% of the fresh Asian vegetables consumed in the state and 80% of its fresh mushrooms (Ecos Magazine).  In 05/06, the Hawkesbury produced $61 million worth of veges, fruit and eggs, Penrith $32 million, Liverpool 19million, Camden $17milion and Campbelltown $3.4 million (Metropolitan Plan for Sydney 2036). Now that’s true local.