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Q: How has Simon George & Sons changed over its 80 year history? The food service industry is a demanding one and no matter where you fall on the supply chain (from farmer to front of house) having a passionate, strong team around you is the key ingredient for success. With this in mind, we wanted to take this opportunity…

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Q: What gives a pear its unique melting texture? While the cold weather is having an adverse reaction on many fruit and veg lines, apples and pears are a reliable addition to the menu with quality consistent and stock readily available. With harvesting taking place between Jan-May each year, apple and pear varieties have been relatively unaffected by recent weather…

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Q: Are seasonal guides redundant now that many produce lines are available year round? Despite all evidence to the contrary, February is the last month of Summer and soon the hot, sunny days (we were supposed to have) will begin to give way to cooler Autumn months. Inevitably, the changing of the seasons brings new fashion and food trends, which…

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BUYER’S GUIDE: Asian/Exotics- 31st Jan- 6th Feb

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The good news is that most Asian vegetables and exotic fruits are plentiful at the moment. There are however gaps in the market, so we’ve listed those items currently not available below: Asian Vegetables: Kachay – Lotus Root – Tamarind – Water Spinach Exotic Fruits: Asian Plum – Buddha Hands – Cumquats – Custard Apple – Fuji Fruit – Guava…

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Q: Which herb did Shakespeare say improved recollection?  A recent spell of bad weather in NSW has affected the quality of local herb crops, with varieties such as sage and oregano tending to blacken quickly.  So, while we wait for the summer weather to catch up to the summer menu, why not let our delicious range of microgreens step up…

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Q: What does it mean to ‘cherry pick’ something?  This weekend, Young, NSW, the birthplace of the Australian Cherry Industry, is hosting the 62nd National Cherry Festival. First commercially planted in 1878, Young accounts for 60% of the total cherry production in NSW. While NSW and VIC have traditionally been the cherry capitals of Australia, Tassie is hot on their…

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BUYER’S GUIDE: 29/11/11 – 05/12/11

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As your eyes at the markets, here’s this week’s seasonal update from our buyers: BEST BUYS: FRUIT: Cavendish Bananas- large (QLD) Plums (NSW) R2E2 Mangoes (QLD) Rockmelon (QLD) Watermelon (QLD)   VEGETABLES: Chat Potato – small (SA) Cherry truss tomatoes (NSW) Medium tomatoes (QLD) New Season: Portabello Mushroom (NSW) Telegraph Cucumber (QLD)   SOMETHING DIFFERENT: Dragon Fruit (QLD) Lychee (QLD) Mangosteen…

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Q: Are there any flowers that are better left off the plate??    The food service industry is just as vulnerable to ‘trending’ as fashion retail or twitter. While we may not update our dining habits as regularly as we tweet, social trends undeniably influence what appears on the menu. Edible flowers are a prime example of how cultural trends…

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