As your eyes at the markets, here’s this week’s seasonal update from our buyers:

The wet weather has finally hit home. While demand is the same, quality is the big issue. In particular, poor quality and supply of local ground grown crops has pushed market prices higher. As in the past few weeks, it is 90% against the vegetables.


All good across the range. New Season Avocados are in full swing as is Kiwifruit and a good supply of tropicals from QLD.  

Stonefruits are just about on their last legs, with most now well past their prime. New season apples and grapes in good supply.

Only berries and the melon range showing signs of the weather- quality, supply and price are the things to watch here.


A much different story here. Some of the main lines are still ok (just up slightly in price) but the local NSW crops, Tomatoes, Asian Vegs, Herbs, Baby Veg etc have been hit hard in both quality and price.

There are only a few items on the short list (as we bring supply in from further afield) but we will see no real change until we get a clear run of dry weather. Still supplies are holding but pending the weather, quality will be the main issue.




Delicious Apples – medium  (NSW)

Red Grapes – seedless (VIC)

Mango – Kett’s (QLD)

Passionfruit (QLD)

Plum (NSW)


Broccoli (VIC)

Butternut Pumpkin (NSW)

Chinese Wombok (QLD)

Desiree Potato- large (SA)

Sweetcorn (NSW)



Drinking coconut (Imported)

Fuji Fruit (QLD)

Kiwiberries (NZ)

Pomello (Imported)

New Season Quince (QLD)


New Season Chestnuts (VIC)

Heirloom Tomatoes (NSW)

Tuscan Cabbage (NSW)

Wild Pine Mushrooms (NSW)

Winter Melon (QLD)



Short Supply:

Borlotti Beans

Not Available:

Baby Gold Beetroot

Baby White Carrot

Bella Rossa Tomatoes

Blood Orange