The market is in good shape this week with only some slight issues:

QLD: Extreme cold snap is affecting a few lines. Good quality but  slow growth and delay picking of beans, corn, peas, medium strawberries, rocket, rockmelons, bananas and raspberries. So stock is in short supply driving a price rise.

VIC: Experiencing lots of rain all over the state which in turn is affecting rocket, broccoli, iceberg lettuce and celery crops.

Noteworthy: Quinces are on their way out (end of season). New season USA Cherries are in stock now (for next 6 weeks). We have aromatic, Australian Black Truffles available by the gram.

Short Supply: Chestnut mushrooms, Zucchini flowers, pink and yellow mushroom, baby Zucchini , golden beetroots, and yellow chives

Great buys: Honeydew, Passionfruit, Green Zucchini, Papaya, Green Mango, Desiree large and bunched herbs.



Fruit: Cherries (Imp- USA)Corella Pears (VIC) * Oranges – juicing (NSW) * Pawpaw- yellow (QLD) * Red seedless grapes (VIC) 

Vegetable: Cos Lettuce – large (NSW) * Medium Potatoes- washed (SA) * Rhubarb (QLD) * Spring Onions (QLD) * Zucchini – green (QLD)


Fruit: Dragonfruit- yellow (QLD) * Green Mangoes (NT) * Nashi Pears (VIC) * Pink Lady Apples (VIC)

Vegetable: Broad bean (NSW) * Portabello Mushroom (NSW) * Purple Carrots * Tuscan Cabbage (NSW) 

Other: Black Truffles (WA- New Season) * Chestnuts (VIC)


Short Supply: Baby Gold Beetroot * Chestnut Mushroom * Oyster Mushrooms (pink & yellow) * Wild Rocquette * Zucchini Flower (female)

Not Available: Blood Oranges * Slippery Jacks Mushrooms * Wild Pine Mushrooms *