The Buy list: Apples, Blueberries, Cumquats, Kiwifruit, Mandarins, Nashi Pears, Oranges, Passionfruit, Red Papaya, Pineapples, Rhubarb, and QLD Strawberries.

The Watch List: Honeydews, Seedless Melons, Limes, Raspberries. Honeydews are short in supply. Lime quality is sound, supply is shortening and price is on the up. Raspberries, supply available just expensive. The quality of Seedless Watermelons is about 7/10.

Market Insights: It’s a good week for fruit with most lines in good supply and well priced. New Season mangoes are available but just not eating at their best yet. New season USA Seedless Grapes are having a few issues with quality, early season QLD grapes are available but quality is nothing special. Figs are still available as well. Overall a good week for Fruit.


The Buy list: Beetroot, Carrots, Cauliflowers, Celeriac, Chinese Leaf Vegs, Telegraph Cucumbers, Fennel, Micro Herbs, Leeks, Gourmet salads, Kale, Kohl Rabi, Sweet Potatoes, Spuds and Onions.

The Watch List: Red & Green Capsicums, Cos Lettuce, Sweet Corn, Fresh Green Peas and All Tomatoes.

Market Insights: Sweet Corn is very short in supply, will see this change by next Monday. Tomatoes still short & expensive but will see relief by end of next week, same with Red & Green Capsicums.


Fruit: Blood Oranges (QLD) * Blueberries (NSW) * Kiwifruit (NZ) * Pineapple (QLD) * Strawberries- large (QLD)

Vegetable: Cauliflower (QLD) * Celeriac (VIC) * Leek – large (SA) * Potato- brushed chip (NSW) * Wild Rocket (VIC)


Fruit: Baby Pineapples – with stems (QLD) * Dates- California (USA) * Gold Kiwifruit (NZ * Mangosteen (IMP) * Plate Strawberries – VIP (QLD)

Vegetable: Baby Garlic (NSW) * Cime de Rapa (NSW) * Kale-coloured (NSW) * Kohlrabi (NSW) * Sorrel – red vein (VIC)


Short Supply: Namenko Mushroom

Short Supply & Expensive: Honeydew * Sweetcorn

Not Available: Dragonfruit * Finger Fennel * Chestnut Mushroom