The Buy list: Royal Gala, Golden Delicious & Delicious apples, Bananas, Blueberries, Ruby Grapefruit, Honeydews & Rockmelons AT LAST!!, Kiwifruit, Mandarins, Beurre Bosc Pears, Blood Oranges, Pineapples, Rhubarb  and QLD Strawberries

The Watch List: Imported Grapes (Quality), Figs (PRICE) Lime (Price), Seedless Watermelons (Price & Quality), Passionfruit (Price)

Market Insights: Early Season Australian Grapes are available, quality is sound and eating 8/10. NT Mangoes in good supply, quality is good and eating 7/10. Early season “Peaches & Nectarines” are on market, quality has increased 6/10 but still not in the eating zone and up there in price! The main lines to watch this weeks are; Limes (just price), quality of Seedless and regular Watermelons. Pawpaw, Red Papaya & Passionfruit, supply slowing and price on the move up.


The Buy list: New Season Aussie Asparagus & Jumbo, Beetroot, Broccoli, Carrots, Celeriac, Chicory, Chinese Cabbage, Fennel, Leeks, Cos & Iceberg Lettuce, Gourmet Salad Lines, Silverbeet, Gold Squash, Rapi, Swedes, Sweet Corn, Sweet Potatoes, Green Zucchini, Butternut Pumpkin, Spuds and Onions

The Watch List: Capsicums: (Price), Brussels Sprouts (Supply & Price), Leb Cucumbers (Price), Parsnip (Price), Green Peas (Quality & Price), All Tomatoes (PRICE), Jarrahdale Pumpkin (Price)

Market Insights: Capsicums- supply problems though quality is sound, this will change by the weekend. Brussels Sprouts- limited supply and price is up. Leb Cucumbers- asking high prices for quality gear. Tomatoes are in short supply and look like staying this way for the next 3 weeks. Getting supply of quality and correct size is the main issue. Jarrahdale Pumpkin is in short supply, plenty of Butternut and Jap to cover. New Season Aussie Asparagus is in full swing, good buying and great quality. Zucchini & Edible flowers are in season, full range available however notice is needed to fill larger orders.

Bye Bye Australian Truffle season!!


Fruit: Beurre Bosc Pears (VIC) * Blood Oranges (QLD) * Honeydew Melon (NT) * Rhubarb (NSW) * Rockmelon (QLD/NT)

Vegetable: Chat Potatoes- sml (SA) * Cos Lettuce- large (NSW) * Mesclun Lettuce (QLD) * Silverbeet (NSW) * Sweetcorn (QLD)  


Fruit: Lemon- seedless (QLD) * New Season Mangoes- VIP (NT) * Mulberries (NSW) * Pineapple- rough skin (QLD) * Strawberries – Plate VIP (QLD)

Vegetable: Cime de Rapa (NSW) * Idaho Potato – foil wrapped (SA) * Sorrel- red vein * Vine sweet baby caps (QLD) * Zucchini Flower (NSW)


Poor Quality: Pomegranate

Short Supply & Expensive: Butter Beans- yellow

Not Available: Dragon Fruit * Fuji Fruit * Guava * Beef Oxheart tomatoes * Heirloom tomatoes