The Buy list: Granny Smith & Delicious Apples, Bananas, Blueberries, Ruby Grapefruit, Honeydews, Kiwifruit, Mandarins, Nashi, Beurre Bosc & Packham Pears, Blood Oranges, Navel Oranges, Red Papaya, Pineapples, Rockmelons, Rhubarb, Strawberries, Watermelons: Seedless and Longs.

The Watch List: Import Grapes (Quality), Figs (PRICE), Lime (Price), Passionfruit (Price), Mulberries (Quality).

Market Insights: The appearance of the early season Peaches and Nectarines is now more consistent but the eating quality is low, 5/10 at best therefore still on hold as a buy. NZ Hass Avocado season is on, quality is good with oil content just under par as expected for early season supply, local Avocado eating quality is much better. Bananas, Blueberries, Pineapples, Red Papaya and Rockmelons are in solid supply. NT Mangoes all systems go. New Season Loquats in stock as are QLD Gooseberries, both sold by 250gm punnets. Lime price has eased with Lemons just starting to increase slightly. Grapes are a mixed bag, locals are the best buying in terms of quality with Imported USA being better priced. Strawberries now being supplied from WA & QLD. USA Pomegranates are now available.



The Buy list: Aussie Asparagus in full supply. Broad Beans in good supply now & for the next few weeks- great quality in addition to well priced. Same with Baby Beetroot, Dutch Carrots & Baby Gold Beetroot. Telegraph Cucumbers, Celery, Chicory, Rapi, Chinese Leaf Veg, Celeriac, Fennel Large, Leeks, All Lettuce, Button Mushrooms, Snow & Snap Peas, Gourmet Salad Lines, Silverbeet, Swedes,  Sweet Potatoes and Spuds and Onions.

The Watch List: Red Capsicums (Price), Brussels Sprouts (Size and Price), Tomatoes (Price), Jarrahdale Pumpkin (Price),  Heirloom Tomatoes (Supply).   

Market Insights: Artichoke season will end in about 6 weeks with limited supply after that. Aussie Asparagus in full swing- Jumbo, Medium, Thin and No2 (No2 sold by 6kg box). Brussels Sprouts, size is BIG, quality sound. Red Capsicums price on the decrease. Baby Veg in good supply. All Chinese Leaf Veg are good buying, locally supplied. Edible flowers, full range, fresh stocks arrive Monday, Wednesday & Fridays with special orders requiring notice. Local Herbs- good supply, Angelica from QLD with notice. All wet lines (Lettuce, Celery, Cabbage, Cauliflowers, Leeks etc) excellent quality with supply overriding demand. Mushrooms- buttons, cookers, flats, cups & Portobello in ready to roll and priced to suit. Tomatoes, yes the longest they have held this money ever…painful to say the least. NZ season commences with supply here as of next Tuesday, QLD supply now on the increase….Amen! Pumpkin, Jap and Butternut still better buying then Jarrahdale. Aussie garlic season not far off!



Fruit: Cavendish Bananas (QLD) * Red Papaya (QLD) * Rockmelon (QLD/NT) * Ruby Blush Grapefruit (QLD) * Watermelon (QLD)

Vegetable: Asparagus- medium (VIC) * Broad Bean (NSW) * Flat field Mushrooms (NSW) * Silverbeet (NSW) * Telegraph Cucumber (QLD)


Fruit: Bell Apples (QLD) * Green Mangoes (NT) * Gooseberries (QLD) * Loquats (NSW) * Pomegranate (IMP)

Vegetable: Baby Gold Beetroot- bunch (NSW) * Black Kumato Tomato (QLD) * Lettuce- Purslane (NSW) * Vine Sweetened baby Capsicum (QLD) * Yellow Cherry Tomatoes (QLD)


Not Available: Dragon Fruit * Fuji Fruit * Guava * Beef Oxheart tomatoes * Heirloom tomatoes * Honeycomb Full Frame