The Buy list: Granny Smith & Delicious Apples, NZ Hass Avocados, Bananas, Blueberries, Ruby Grapefruit, USA Grapes, Honeydew Melons, NZ Kiwifruit, Honey Murcott Mandarins, NT Mangoes, Nashi Pears, Navel Oranges, Paw Paw, Rockmelons, Rhubarb, Strawberries, Seedless, Long & Champagne Melons.

The Watch List: Limes (Price), “PASSIONFRUIT (PRICE)”

Market Insights: WA Hass Avocados starting to roll in, expecting good supplies from now until Xmas of both NZ and WA fruit. Look to Blueberries, USA Grapes, NZ Kiwifruit, Mandarins, NT Mangoes, Paw Paw, Honeydews, Rockmelons, Pineapples, Strawberries and all Watermelons for best buy this week. Good quality Peaches and Nectarines now in solid supply. Passionfruit hitting the outer limits pricewise, use sparingly, same applies to Limes. Looking for something different- Plantain Bananas, Beurre Bosc Pears, Pomegranates & Champagne Melons!


The Buy list: Globe Artichokes, Aussie Asparagus, Beetroot, Broccoli, Red & Green Capsicums, Cauliflowers, Celery, Chicory, Chinese Melons, Choi sum, Kai Lan & Pak Choy, Lebanese Cucumbers, Edible Flowers & Zucchini Flowers, Eggplant, Endive, Aussie Garlic, Kale, Kohlrabi, Leeks, All Lettuce, Button, Field & Portobello Mushrooms, Fresh Green Peas, Mesclun Salad, Baby Gourmet Spinach, Silverbeet, Gold Squash, Sweet Corn, Sweet Potatoes, Cherry Truss Tomatoes, Butternut & Halloween Pumpkin.      

The Watch List: Brussels Sprouts (Size and Price), Celeriac (Season ending), Sugar Snap Peas (Supply and Price)

Market Insights: Good supplies all round on the Vegie front this week. The picks- Asparagus, Broccoli, Red Capsicums, Cauliflowers, Chinese Green Leaf Veg, Lebanese Cucumbers, Edible Flowers & Zucchini Flowers, Eggplant, Fennel, Leeks, Cos Lettuce, Button Mushrooms, Mesclun Mix, Gourmet Baby Spinach, Gold Squash,  Sweet Potatoes, Cherry Truss Tomatoes & Butternut Pumpkins. Something Different- Baby Globe Artichokes, Baby Gold Beetroot, Chicory, Micro Herbs, Kohlrabi & Fresh Soy Bean (Edamame).


Fruit:  Mangoes (NT) * Red Grapes (IMP) * Rockmelon (QLD) * Seedless Watermelon (QLD) * Strawberries- large (WA)

Vegetable: Button Mushrooms (NSW) * Cauliflower (NSW) * Cherry Truss tomatoes (NSW) * Lebanese Cucumber (NSW) * Red Capsicum (QLD) 


Fruit: Champagne Melon (NT) * Mangosteen (IMP) * Nectarine (NSW) * Peaches (NSW)  

Vegetable: Edible Flowers (VIC) * Finger Fennel (NSW) * Halloween Pumpkin (NSW) * Micro-herbs (VIC) * Portabello Mushroom (NSW) * Purple Carrot (NSW) 


Not Available: Guava- cooking

End of Season: Black Salsify

Short Supply: Starfruit (Carambola) * Sugarsnap Peas ($$$) * Yellow Zucchini

Expensive: Passionfruit