As your eyes at the markets, here’s this week’s seasonal update from our buyers:

Some movement in the market across both fruit and vegetables. The major factors being weather and some items coming to the end of their season.


New season apples are just starting to appear from QLD.

Plenty of stonefruit  with the introduction or cherries and apricots from Tassie. Seedless grapes are in good supply, sweet and excellent quality. Citrus is a mixed bag.

Mangoes are still in good supply but by half, which has pushed the price up. Pineapples & strawberries are up in price due to the weather. There are plenty of rockmelons, honeydews, watermelons (long and seedless), which are all good buying.


Only a few lines have kicked in this week: iceberg, broccoli and asparagus. Everything else is either the same or down on last week. Plenty of colour and lines to chose from.



Fig Tray (NSW)

Green Seedless Grapes (VIC)

Lychee (QLD)

Peach (NSW)

Red Papaya (QLD)


Chat (Sml) Potatoes (SA)

Green Zucchini (NSW)

Eggplant (NSW)

Shiitaki Mushrooms (IMP)

Snake Beans (NSW)


New Season Apricot (TAS)

New Season Baby (Young) Ginger (QLD)

New Season Beurre Bosc Pears (VIC)

Cherries (TAS)

French Truffles – Extra Class (IMP)

Golden Queen Peaches (VIC)

Green Jalapeno Chillies (QLD)

New Season Pomello (QLD)

Prickly Pear (NSW)

Royal Blue Potatoes (SA)


Short Supply:

Baby Gold Beetroot

Heirloom Tomatoes

Not Available:

Asparagus – No 2 

Baby Leek 

Lotus Root