As your eyes at the markets, here’s this week’s seasonal update from our buyers:

It is the season to be Merry and with the way our market is shaping up for the week all I can say is Ho Ho Ho and away we go!


No real shorts this week. A few quality issues, Strawberries being one but otherwise it’s a buyers market. Quality is excellent, pricing is low and other than mandarins it is a Misère Ouverte! As per last week just Apples and Lemons holding in price and will lift as the weeks roll on.

Very good supply of Tropical Fruits from the Top End and Far North QLD: Longans, Lychees, Mangosteen, Rambutans and Ship Loads of Mangoes.

Also now in full swing Aussie Grapes, Red, Black & White all seedless, very sweet and crunchy.


Slightly different story here. Broccoli and Caulies have come well down off last week’s highs as have Green Beans, the quality and supply of Butter Beans is also back to normal.

Main items this week are Baby Corn, nil on market due to the heavy flooding in Thailand, White Asparagus limited due to imports and Green Asparagus doing its usual Xmas dance for this time of the year with supply coming from NZ, Peru and Aussie packers.

And oh yes Tomatoes being pushed by the market agents “they can’t help themselves around this time of the year” pushing price which scared buyers into buying just in case the market Tomato agents are right…….for once!  Roma Tomatoes are short and up in price. Otherwise plenty of colour and range to chose from.




Cherries- Van’s (NSW)

Kiwifruit (Imported)

Lychee (QLD)

Mango- R2E2 (QLD)

Peach (NSW)


Broccoli (VIC)

Cauliflower (VIC)

Chat (Sml) Potatoes (SA)

Sweetcorn (NSW)

Rhubarb (NSW)



Chestnuts (VIC)

Edible Flowers (VIC/NSW)

Jerusalem Artichokes (QLD)

Longan (Imported)

Popcorn Sprouts (VIC)

Purple Congo Potato (SA)

Rambutan (QLD)

Donut Peaches (NSW)

Red Currant (SA)

Yellow Butter Beans (QLD)



End of Season:

Red Tamarillos

Poor Quality:

Broad Beans

Not Available:

Baby Corn


White Asparagus